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Another riveting book by Gavin Fisher!
Gripping storyline, the characters strong, the plot twists and turns kept
me turning the page.
This book has everything … the abundant love of a man for his family,
beautifully crafted characters, underlying sub-plots, and all the
descriptions of the settings really put you in the place the characters are
in! I also loved how the basic decency of strangers is woven into the story.
Gavin is a maestro in his ability to sprinkle in the pieces of Angie &
Simone’s childhoods and subsequent lives into the plot of the present
happenings ... a hint here, a shading of meaning there, a build-up of
multiple possibilities, unexpected turns.
I loved this book, couldn't put it down! I cannot recommend it enough!
Wendy Stratis

It's a normal kidnap in Sydney and then there's a small twist ... and
another twist and another. The mysteries continue and the reader is kept
guessing till the end. A beautifully written suspense. 
Philip J Bradbury, author of The Last Stand Down

Great plot and characters. The sense of urgency is palpable, and the
stranglehold of that chilling prologue was inescapable.
Caitlin Berry


'This is a great book, I certainly got carried away with the plight of David Burrows, a conscientious Director and Board member, trying to solve a mystery about the collapse of a building following an earthquake. The cold steel eyes of the killer, his evil nature, the delight in the chase, made the climactic scene all the more realistic and terrifying. This book should be made into a film. I loved the outback connection and the satisfying way David reconnects with his daughter after losing his wife tragically.' 

Jill Smith


'This was a great book good plot and storyline with a twist at the end thoroughly enjoyed it would defiantly recommend it’s a great read.' 

Louisa Wright

'This is an exciting story, a subject bit different from the normal thriller, with sabotage and industrial intrigue. Characterisation good, I really didn't like the Mick character. Pact and I couldn't put it down. Great read.' 


'A fast-paced action thriller. Couldn't put it down. Characters were well thought out and plot twists kept me turning the page. Definitely one to read!' 

Helen Haines


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