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Jenny Old has published two books, ‘Innocent Nurses Abroad’ and the sequel, ‘Back of Beyond’.


‘Innocent Nurses Abroad’ tells the story of Jenny’s young life, becoming a reluctant nurse in Melbourne to meeting the ‘amigos’, her closest nursing friends, then venturing forth into the unknown as innocent nurses abroad. It follows Jenny on her magnificent journey around 1960’s Europe and beyond. Her story tells of living and working in London in 1968, travelling abroad in a temperamental bomb of a bus called ‘Dennis”, to exotic destinations with unexpected dangers. This is a story of enduring and deep friendships and then there is a love story!

How will it end?


Well, you have to read ‘Back of Beyond’ to know what happens next!

At the young age of 22 years, Jenny followed her heart to the vastness of the Gulf of Carpenteria cattle country in North Queensland. Her only contact with the outside world was through the two-way radio connecting to the Royal Flying Doctor Service, some 500 km away.

Stretched to the limits, she achieved more than she ever thought herself capable of. With every setback and the toughest of times when the odds seemed insurmountable, she learnt to dust herself off, find a smile and keep hoping.


Jenny’s motto in life is “life throws many curve balls at us, but it’s how we deal with them that counts.” 


This is the extraordinary story of a woman of the bush and her indomitable spirit.


Jenny has also narrated an audiobook of the original publication of ‘Back of Beyond’, which was called ‘McAllister’.



Jenny Old

0407 763 602

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