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Gold Medal Winner in the Independent Publisher Book Awards for Best Fiction 2013.


The Carnage…Staring at the grim devastation after Adelaide is rocked by an earthquake is not how David had planned to end his day especially when a building, his building, one that should never have collapsed, does. The result? Twenty-six people dead and dozens more maimed for life. David Burrows knows that the structure should have withstood the forces nature dealt it. Something is very wrong.


The Search…David is determined to find the truth, for the sake of his reputation and before disaster strikes again. And so the race is on, across the country into the very heart of Australia. Only his search for the truth is about to lead him into terrible danger. First one body is found, then another. The carnage must be stopped before it is too late. Except David is supposed to be next…


The Treachery…When David won’t let the past stay buried, the repercussions ricochet from Adelaide to Hong Kong to Alice Springs. Some people are willing to go to any lengths to protect themselves and their money—their morals blackened by Greed.

Colour of Greed - Ebook Edition

  • Title: Colour of Greed

    Author: Gavin Fisher

    Page Count: 320

    E-book ISBN: 978-1-925935-15-8

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